Congratulations Germany. Keep your new star shining bright with Tide. #KeepItClean

We’ve seen this match-up before. #KeepItClean

If your team can #KeepItClean on the field then they will never be one man down.  Tide always gives stains a red card.

Rest days mean laundry days. Count on Tide to get your jersey ready for the next match. #KeepItClean

Tide’s policies for soccer: No dirty plays allowed on the field. #KeepItClean

Don’t let a swap flop get to your head! Next time size up the other jersey before exchanging. #KeepItClean

Fútbol term #4: “Manos de manteca”. No team wants those kind of goalies as no fans want rival stains on their jerseys. #KeepItClean

One jersey swap flop equals two unhappy soccer fans. Avoid disappointment by keeping the exchange clean. #KeepItClean

Show your love for the world’s greatest game and the world’s greatest laundry detergent. #KeepItClean with Tide this summer.

A dirty jersey is always a sign that a great play went down. It’s the only reason you should not #KeepItClean out there on the field.

Fútbol term #2: “Barrida sucia”. Do a couple of those and you’ll leave your team with ten players. #KeepItClean out there!

Playing clean during the exchange has its rewards. #KeepItClean

Tide believes we will be victorious today. #IBelieve #KeepItClean

This swap flop gives a whole new meaning to “sticking your neck out” for your team. #KeepItClean

You will always get a green light on pulling off the most beautiful move in soccer, but fare warning, performing a bicycle kick will probably leave your jersey stained. No worries Tide will help #KeepItClean